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GAC Family

A Lot Like Christmas

Dec 5, 2021

Starring Maggie Lawson & Christopher Russell

In “A Lot Like Christmas”, Jessica Roberts (Lawson) owns the most popular Christmas Tree lot
in the picturesque New England town of Hudson Springs. But when big-city marketing
executive, Clay Moore (Russel) moves a “Big Box” store into the area and starts selling trees,
Jasmine finds her business in jeopardy. As their professional competition escalates, Jasmine
and Clay run into another complication – they start falling for each other.

Executive Producers of “A Lot Like Christmas” are Brad Krevoy, Amanda Phillips, Eric Jarboe,
Lorenzo Nardini, Cara J. Russell, Jimmy Townsend, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, Trevor McWhinney
and Doran Chandler. Producer is Rob Lycar. Supervising Producers are Kelly Frazier, Bradley
M. Goodman and Michael Shepard. Associate Producers are Suzan Derkson Marlisa Fruehauf,
Trudi Thorwaldson. Stacey Harding directs from an original screenplay by Amyn Kaderali.

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