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GAC Family

An Autumn Romance

Oct 23, 2021

Starring Jessica Lowndes & Chad Michael Murray

In “An Autumn Romance,” when Seattle-based librarian Taylor Harris (Lowndes) suddenly loses her job, she travels to Montana to visit her brother Craig (Andres) and his wife Christine (Ogunsuyi) and quickly finds herself immersed in her brother’s effort to save the Graff Hotel, which has been purchased by tech tycoon Joel Sheenan (Murray) and his associate, Ray Dixon (Brown). The town of Forest Ridge, Montana is split on Joel’s decision to turn the once quaint hotel into an upscale property for tourists. To protect the hotel’s charm and her brother’s place of employment, Taylor goes on a search to find a significant historical event that will qualify the hotel for landmark status and prevent the City Council from issuing permits for its renovation. With the clock ticking, Taylor seizes on a photograph that has the potential to verify the property’s historical value while also providing an invaluable piece of personal history to the hotel’s new owner.

Executive Producers of “An Autumn Romance” are Brad Krevoy, Chad Michael Murray, Jessica Lowndes, James Moorhouse, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, Bradley Walsh, Amanda Phillips, Amy Krell, and Eric Jarboe. Producer is David Anselmo. Associate Producers Julie Currie, Charles H. Cohen, and David Golden. Supervising Producers are W. Michael Beard, Allan Fung, and David Lowe. Bradley Walsh directs from Emily Golden’s adaptation of Jane Porter’s novel, "The Tycoon’s Kiss".

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