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GAC Family

Angel Falls Christmas

Nov 26, 2021

Starring Jessica Lowndes & Chad Michael Murray

In “Angel Falls Christmas”, Ally Morgan (Lowndes) is a workaholic ER doctor struggling for work-
life balance with boyfriend, Josh (David Reale). On the night Josh is set to propose, he and Ally
have a row about her working an extra shift on Christmas Eve, which leads to a breakup. Ally is
miserable alone before a chance encounter with handsome barista, Gabe (Murray) leads her to
fulfill a Christmas bucket list of fun activities she never would have done on her own. Ally’s best
friend and fellow ER doctor, Dawn (Samora Smallwood) has never seen Ally so engaged
outside of work and is rooting for a Gabe-Ally relationship. Now, the saintly Maureen (Jane Luk)
must redirect Gabe’s heartfelt intentions if Josh and Ally have any chance at reconciliation this

Executive Producers of “Angel Falls Christmas” are Brad Krevoy, Amanda Phillips, Eric Jarboe,
Amy Krell, Vince Balzano, Jimmy Townsend, Chad Michael Murray, Jessica Lowndes, Susie
Belzberg Krevoy, and Kathy Ceroni. Producer is David Anselmo. Supervising Producers are W.
Michael Beard and Michael Shepard. Associate Producers are Kelly Martin and Kaitlyn
Greenough. Jerry Ciccoritti directs from an original screenplay by Carlie Mantilla and John Elliott

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