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Hallmark Channel/Photo credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC

Journey of My Heart

Sep 4, 2021

Starring Rhiannon Fish & Darien Martin

Rhiannon Fish (“The 100”) and Darien Martin (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”) star in “Journey of My Heart”, a new, original movie premiering as part of Hallmark Channel’s annual “Summer Nights” programming event.

Abby (Fish) is dedicated to her work as a wildlife biologist at the North Star Wildlife Institute so much that it interferes with her personal life. Abby’s research on the migratory and mating habits of eagles leads her to Alaska where she meets Niko (Paul C. Grenier, “The Killing”) and Ellen Rivers ("Grace Dove", "The Revenant"), owners of the Lakeside Resort, along with a rugged wilderness guide, Eric (Martin). Niko and Ellen introduce Abby to Jaco (Ray Thunderchild, "Pathfinder"), a tribal elder who provides insights on her mission to locate the eagles’ nesting area. With a new revitalized outlook to her journey, Abby is more inspired by her work and gets better acquainted with Eric, whom she sees as a man of impeccable integrity. Could Eric be someone she could make a lifetime commitment to or will an unfortunate incident take Abby back to her former routine?

“Journey of My Heart” is from Johnson Production Group. Timothy O. Johnson and Bruce Johnson are executive producers. Joseph Wilka is co-executive producer and Navid Soofi is producer. Lucie Guest directed from a script by Bruce Johnson.

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