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GAC Family

Joy for Christmas

Dec 19, 2021

Starring Cindy Busby & Sam Page

When her family firm’s annual Christmas toy drive is in jeopardy, Holly Silver (Busby) must
convince pro athlete Jack Kane (Page) to be the public face of the campaign to help save it. As
Noelle helps Jack rediscover the meaning of Christmas, Holly reconnects with her own family
traditions. While Jack and Holly go through challenges of making Christmas dreams for others
come true, they discover kindred spirits in each other and the potential for the gift of romance
this holiday season.

Executive Producers of “Joy For Christmas” are Brad Krevoy, Amanda Phillips, Eric Jarboe,
Lorenzo Nardini, Steve N. White, Jimmy Townsend, Susie Belzberg Krevoy and Doran Chandler. Producer is Kevin Leslie. Supervising Producers are Kay Metchie, Bradley M. Goodman and Michael Shepard. Associate Producers are Marlisa Fruehauf and Trudi Thorwaldson. Pat Williams directs from an original screenplay by Steve N. White, Joel & Lisa
Canfield and Guy Yosub.

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