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Royally Wrapped for Christmas

Nov 27, 2021

Starring Jen Lilley and Brendan Fehr

In “Royally Wrapped for Christmas”, Lindsay Peterson (Lilley) of Brooklyn, NY, heads up one of the most successful chapters of the Festive Heart Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to underserved children and founded by the Royal Family of Veronia. The foundation will commemorate its centennial this holiday and Lindsay is summoned to the kingdom to plan the celebratory gala. Before she embarks to Veronia, Lindsay meets the charity’s President, Willard, and a pleasant man, Aiden (Fehr), who Lindsay mistakenly believes is the organization’s accountant. Willard persuades Lindsay to join him and two other organizers from the global charity in Veronia. It is there Lindsay discovers the “accountant” is really Crown Prince Aiden who is to ascend the throne after his mother, Queen Rayna. Committed to the mission of the charity, Lindsay proposes a new idea based on a tradition she learned from her grandmother: each Christmas, two gifts must be given. One to keep, one to give. Veronia’s Parliament enthusiastically accepts Lindsay’s proposal for the charity, vowing to change the world in the kindest way. Now Prince Aiden must decide if the commoner from New York who has helped so many may have just stolen his heart.

Executive producers of “Royally Wrapped for Christmas" are Brad Krevoy, Amanda Phillips, Eric Jarboe, Dawn Wolfrom, Amy Krell, Lorenzo Nardini, Jimmy Townsend, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, Michael Shepherd, and Kathy Ceroni. Producer is David Anselmo. Supervising Producers are David Lowe, W. Michael Beard, Allan Fung. Associate Producers are Bonnie Adams and Katilyn Greenough. Director is T.W. Peacocke from an original screenplay by W. Stewart.

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