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September Star of the Month - Nikki DeLoach

Sep 30, 2021

An Inspiration in Every Way

Our Inaugural Star of the Month is none other than the amazing Nikki DeLoach. Beyond her skills and performance talent, Nikki is a woman of strength and faith, a friend with a giant heart, a mother who has been through the fires of illness with her son, an advocate for those who no longer have a coherent voice, a loving wife, and a person to admire. Nikki is connected to this September in multiple ways - first, Happy Birthday to Nikki on the 9th! Second, it's World Alzheimer's Month! Third, Nikki has a new movie premiering on the 25th!

Nikki has a new movie, "Taking the Reins", premiering Saturday, September 25 on Hallmark Channel and is also a tireless advocate for Alzheimer's awareness and prevention. This September marks the 10th World Alzheimer's Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Please consider learning more on Nikki's profile about Mind What Matters, a charity Nikki works with and gives her time to as a Board Member. This is a personal and painful disease for so many, we thank Nikki and other Rom Com stars like Andrew Walker and Ashley Williams who work hard to spread awareness about this horrible disease.

Something you may not know about Nikki is that she has more fun at fan conventions than all the stars and fans put together! She's known as the last one to leave the building because she's too busy taking pictures, being in pictures, and having fun! But there's another side to her. I lost my Mom in 2018 and was too numb for Christmas to feel the hurt. The following year was brutal - but Nikki's Christmas movie that year, "Two Turtle Doves", was about healing through grief and loss at the holidays. It helped me tremendously. When I had the opportunity to tell her that, she looked me right in the eye and told me she made the movie for people just like me. Nikki lost her dad a few weeks back and I keep hoping that someone, lots of someones, have given her the same hug she gave me that Christmas. The kindness of her movie characters is truly a reflection of her own wonderful heart.

So please spend some time this month learning more about Nikki's work and honoring her dad however you can. Visit her website she founded with best friend Jen Dede Kelly,, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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