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World Changer Moments

Oct 11, 2021

Jen Lilley and Christmas is NOT Cancelled

Jen Lilley's goal to provide 2021 filled backpacks to children who wouldn't otherwise have one for back-to-school was far surpassed with more than 3000 backpacks filled and delivered!

Jen is the co-founder of Christmas is NOT Cancelled, a company that provides marketing for charities by offering fun events, prizes, and merchandise. Jen's most recent campaign, Christmas in July, brought together 'Campers' to raise money to purchase filled backpacks for children in foster care so they could return to school this month and last with the items they need. Here's a note from Jen about all they achieved:

"All 3296 backpacks have been fulfilled! The first week of August, 3000 backpacks were distributed to children in foster care, or those at risk of entering due to homelessness, all across the nation thanks to you all and the help of our amazing charity partners @comfortcases @childhelp @cityservehq. Our amazing nonprofit partner @str8st in Roanoke, VA packed an additional 296 backpacks for at risk children in the surrounding Southwest Virginia area. The need has been so great! So thank you so much to all of our participants! You are #worldchangers #bethechange #beforeandafter And mark your calendars! Because we’re back in action on October 1 and the prizes and charitable goals are bigger than ever!"

THANKS JEN - way to change the world for the better!!!

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