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2021 Christmas Movies - What's up Next

We've had our first round of Christmas movies air from Hallmark, GAC Family, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - and UPtv joins the party with their first movie of the season debuting tonight. The movies that have aired so far include:

"You, Me & The Christmas Trees" - Hallmark

"Boyfriends of Christmas Past" - Hallmark "Christmas In My Heart"- Hallmark Movies & Mysteries "The Santa Stakeout" - Hallmark "Christmas in Harmony" - Hallmark "Much Ado About Christmas" - GAC Family

"Coyote Creek Christmas" - Hallmark "The Christmas Promise" - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries "Christmas Sail" - Hallmark

"Gingerbread Miracle" - Hallmark

In case you haven't watched them all yet, I won't go into detail about each movie, but I will say there are only three so far I plan to add to my "watch each Christmas" list. The two I've enjoyed the most have been "You, Me & The Christmas Trees" and "Much Ado About Christmas". Both had good stories, great acting, and a believable chemistry between the two leads. The chemistry between the leads is perhaps what I have found to be most lacking overall in the movies so far. In at least a few, I've sat on my couch and wondered "who put these two leads together and thought they were a good fit?"

The other overall problem I'm having is dialogue. Some has been downright painful to watch. In some cases you can actually see the actors struggling with the dead air, or trying to make a facial expression to overcome the poor choice of words. In one scene, again I won't divulge the movie, the lead asks the other lead if she's going to do something. She says no, and then immediately does it. I rewound the moment and watched three times thinking I missed something. Nope. It just didn't make any sense.

Yes, I love all Rom Com movies - but I especially enjoy the Christmas Rom Coms. Why? Because there's (supposed to be) a touch of magic in the films, that feeling of Christmas and wonder and loveliness. Again - so far I'm not feeling the feels in most of these movies. I think the reason I liked "Much Ado About Christmas" so much is because it was a bit different. The female lead was sweet and genuine and the male lead was a little nerdy but kind. The couple kissed on their third date and none of the missed kisses, or delayed kissing was employed. They met, liked one another, started dating and acting like a couple. It was believable. It was refreshing. There is a female character who has worked really hard and found success - and she didn't have to give up her business or a promotion to find love. And - there's a bit of magical miracle to the movie. A character that repeatedly popped up just when special touches were needed. It FELT like Christmas. Some of the other movies so far have been Christmas-y, but others have been set in the Christmas season with no real connection to the holiday.

Tonight and tomorrow we get SIX more movies to add to the 2021 season - so far! I'm most excited for the new Mrs. Miracle movie. The first two with Doris Roberts were such magical movies! I'm hoping Caroline Rhea can make the character just as appealing and have a good feeling that she will. The "Back to the Future" reunion of Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd also looks promising - and I'm curious to see the story in "The Great Christmas Switch". I'll watch them all, of course, but those are the three I'm watching first. Please let me know your thoughts on the movies by visiting our #Roadie Clubhouse where you can leave your thoughts in the comments. And don't forget to follow ALL the movies in our Rom Com Christmas Movie Calendar so you never miss a film!

Saturday - November 6

GAC Family

"The Great Christmas Switch"

Starring Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey

8 pm EST

Hallmark Channel

"Next Stop, Christmas" Starring Lyndsy Fonseca, Chandler Massey, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd

8 pm EST

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

"Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas" Starring Kaitlin Doubleday, Steve Lund, and Caroline Rhea

10 pm EST


"A Royal Christmas Engagement"

Starring Paige Bach, James Nitti, John Schneider

7 pm EST

​Sunday - November 7

Hallmark Channel

"A Christmas Treasure" Starring Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier

8 pm EST


"Christmas with a Prince: The Royal Baby"

Starring Kaitlyn Leeb, Nick Hounslow, Josh Dean, Charles Shaughnessy

7 pm EST


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