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BIG Stars - 3 More Christmas Movies Announced

GAC Family Network Launches Great American Christmas

This past weekend we all enjoyed our first glimpse at GAC Family's Great American Christmas - and things are looking promising! A beautiful set, STARS we all know and love, and movies that are both family-friendly and look to be enjoyable. Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopolis hosted and were 'surprised' by a visit from most of their costars from the former Home & Family morning show. Now I have no official proof of this, but I'd venture a guess that in the near future we'll be seeing more of that entire cast on GAC Family. Maybe a New Year's gift for the viewing audience? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

We all know it will take time for the brand new network to build a bank of movies, but in the meantime they are airing much-loved older sitcoms and rolling out movies as fast as they can. As part of the Great American Christmas show, the network announced an additional three movies starring mega Rom Com stars Same Page, Cindy Busby, Maggie Lawson, Christopher Russell, Jessica Lowndes, and Chad Michael Murray. So for their first Christmas movie season, GAC Family will air 12 movies and the two-part When Hope Calls special. Impressive for a fledgling network!

On the fan sites there was a bit of grumbling about the sitcoms being aired and some suggestions the movies previewed didn't look quite "polished". The sitcoms are necessary for now, as we mentioned earlier, so I'm perfectly okay with a little Hazel and Bewitched and have quite enjoyed the old Lone Ranger show on GAC Living. As far as the "polished" comments, these movies are in production at the moment or in editing - so yes, they are not as polished as they soon will be. We'll get our first glimpse at a GAC Family movie this coming Saturday night with Autumn Romance. I will have a review of the film ready for you all. Until then, I thought the special gave a lot of hope to Rom Com fans of wonderful things to come!!!

Our Rom Com Christmas Movie Calendar has been updated with all the new movies, and you can find write-ups about EACH of the new movies on our LATEST NEWS page. (But here are the links to make life easier for you!) Please add your thoughts about the show and upcoming movies to our #Roadie Clubhouse forum!!! We're building a platform for fans to be able to share all their ideas about the movies we love!

GAC Family “12 Movie of Christmas” Premieres – All times 8pm ET

Saturday, October 30: Much Ado About Christmas

Saturday, November 6: The Great Christmas Switch

Saturday, November 13: Christmas Time is Here

Saturday, November 20: A Kindhearted Christmas

Friday, November 26: Christmas Trimmings

Saturday, November 27: Royally Wrapped for Christmas

Sunday, November 28: Christmas Is You

Saturday, December 4: Jingle Bell Princess

Sunday, December 5: A Lot Like Christmas

Saturday, December 11: A Christmas Miracle for Daisy

Sunday, December 12: A Christmas Star

Saturday, December 18: When Hope Calls: Season 2 Premiere

Sunday, December 19: Joy For Christmas


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