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Chesapeake Shores - Wedding Day for Jess & David

I've been watching the O'Briens since day one and have to say I am enjoying the greater focus on all the siblings. I, like many fans, was invested in the love story between Abby and Trace and hoped it would end in a loving relationship - but honestly I think Jesse Metcalfe's untimely departure may have been the best thing for the show. With Abby free to find love again, we may see a new side to her character. After her divorce, returning home to Chesapeake Shores, Abby fell back into her former life with Trace. I'm excited to see what develops with her and Evan, Robert Buckley's character - who is enjoyably quirky. But for now - let's chat wedding!

Tonight's episode is titled "Love is Here to Stay" and focuses on the wedding of Jess and David. Jess has been getting increasingly more nervous as the wedding approaches, and tonight will bring more anxiety for our bride-to-be. Considering Jess's past and her fear of long-term anything, her relationship with David has been a good one. He is kind, understanding, and sometimes incredibly patient. His parents and their need for control has been an interesting story-line, with David always protecting Jess from the overbearing ways of his family. Their marriage ceremony should prove emotional and sentimental, as both are very much invested in their relationship. And I do believe their love will be here to stay. I'm sure they'll still have much to learn about one another, and face the usual challenges of married life, but I think they'll face them together.

I'm curious to see who Abby chooses as her plus one, and fairly certain Bree will bring the likeable new/old friend Luke.

Next week's episode promises a bit of fun, as Evan is unexpectedly detained at the O'Brien house when he needs to recuperate from a back injury. The ever-enjoyable Nell will have her fun with Abby and I think she will begin to play Cupid for her granddaughter and the charming, yet challenging, billionaire. Unlike Chase, who was always serious and somewhat drawn to the dramatic, Evan is lighthearted, whimsical, and will perhaps bring out a lighter side of Abby. There will be some bumps ahead for Kevin and Sarah, both at work and with starting a family. And Bree will have to make a choice between Jerry and Luke - but I do think Luke is the obvious choice.

Meet you here at the Shore next week...


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