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Amy's Fiance`

Mystery 101: Deadly History - What comes next???

How does a woman go from saying I love you to one man and then 11 months later being engaged to another man? And why does the fiance` end up dead?

These are the questions we were left with at the end of Mystery 101:Deadly History. Like you, I'm a fan of the show and frequent the social media sites about our favorite detective and his lady love. The fans seems to favor a dream or blackmail. I've written in previous blogs that I'm not a fan of the dream scenario and I may have been the first one to float the idea of blackmail. There's a lot of chatter that the man Amy finds herself engaged to must be a former boyfriend. That theory makes sense - but not without the blackmail angle or another reason why Amy would leave Travis to go with a former flame. What propels Amy to leave Travis?

Why is the new guy now dead and why isn't Amy distraught? Instead she only looks upset that she is seeing Travis - whom she clearly still loves. Travis looks worse for the wear. He's unshaven and drawn and visibly shaken to see Amy at the scene of the crime. So it leads me to believe their break-up came from Amy, that it was her doing. There could have been some sort of misunderstanding between the two, Amy thinks Travis did something he did not do and she breaks off the relationship. She then rekindles an old flame on the rebound. Or maybe our intelligent, careful, professor meets someone new and falls madly in love? Nope, I'm not buying any of it!

So let's come up with something totally out there. What if after the "I love you" Amy and Travis are happy and great, but then Amy gets a mysterious phone call from a man who says she has to meet her, it's life and death. Turns out the guy is a former classmate of Travis's who dropped out of the Academy. He has evidence that Travis cheated his way through the Academy and he threatens to destroy Travis's career if Amy doesn't agree to marry him. The question is WHY would someone need Amy to marry him? How is that plausible as blackmail? Unless the old rival of Travis's hates him so much and wants to see him suffer so he invented the phony evidence and decides to ruin his life? Maybe the rival was also in love with Travis's ex-wife, and when Travis married her he vowed to one day take the woman Travis loves away from him?

Time will tell, fellow Mystery 101 lovers!!!

Until next time -


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