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Queens of Christmas Edition

Most Rom Com Stars make holiday movies, but some definitely make more than others and have had hugely popular movies one right after the other. It's pretty much undisputed that Candace Cameron Bure is the Hallmark Queen of Christmas, but there are several other actresses we also love to watch...with several filming a new movie at the moment. So let's have a little fun and choose which movie from each of our top six Rom Com Queens of Christmas you like best! And of course, Candace is one of our six! Remember to put your answers on the fan group page you clicked on to come to our site - and choose an overall winning movie from all SIX QUEENS!

Spirit of Christmas - Copyright Lifetime, all rights reserved


Jen has made some of the most popular Christmas movies of all time - including The Spirit of Christmas - which was the number one holiday movie in 2015, the year it debuted on Lifetime! Jen is currently in Canada getting ready to film her next Christmas movie - Wrapped Up in Christmas - which closely resembles Jen's own life. The plot is about a woman who works with charity to get toys for kids at Christmas! Sounds a lot like Jen's personal mission that includes her company, Christmas is Not Cancelled! (visit her website at to learn more!) Jen's movie will air on GAC Family - the new company started by Bill Abbott - and it promises to be a new fan favorite this Christmas! Jen has told me she can't wait for her fans to see this one! (Me neither!)

Which of Jen's Christmas movies so far is your favorite:

The Spirit of Christmas

Mingle All the Way

Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

USS Christmas

Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC


Jill is currently home recovering from the birth of her second daughter, Daisy, two weeks ago. There were complications after the birth for both mommy and baby - but thank goodness they are both now home and doing well. Jill has a great list of Christmas movies that includes my all-time favorite (I won't spill the beans and say which one!) as well as several others I never miss. Let's all remember to keep Jill and Daisy and the rest of her family in our our thoughts and prayers, sending them lots of love!

Which of Jill's Christmas movies so far is your favorite:

Christmas in the Smokies

Christmas Cookies

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy

The Angel Tree

Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC


Danica's movie with Dolly, Christmas at Dollywood, as well as her Cinderella meets the King at Christmas movie, Crown for Christmas, place her among the all-time favorite Stars at Christmas! One thing you might have noticed in most of Danica's Christmas movies is a Yule Log, she usually makes one in every film. It's a family tradition her mother started she enjoys sharing with her fans. I almost got the recipe straight from the source when I met her mother two years ago. It's a goal of mine this Christmas - and I promise to share if I do! Danica is currently filming her next Christmas movie - so more fun, and a yummy treat, will be waiting for us fans!

Which of Danica's Christmas movies so far is your favorite?

Love at the Christmas Table

Crown for Christmas

My Christmas Dream

Coming Home for Christmas

Christmas at Grand Valley

Christmas at Dollywood

Christmas She Wrote

Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC

Lacey Chabert

We all love Lacey, right? (Even my dog, Georgia, loves Lacey). She's just as sweet and caring in person as one of the characters she portrays on screen. She's also starred in some of the biggest fan favorite Rom Com Christmas movies ever!

Which of Lacey's Christmas classics is so far your favorite?

A Holiday Heist

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Matchmaker Santa

A Royal Christmas

The Tree that Saved Christmas

A Family for Christmas

A Christmas Melody

A Wish for Christmas

The Sweetest Christmas

Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe

Christmas in Rome

The Christmas Waltz

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC


Nikki has more fun at fan conventions than all the stars and fans put together! She's known as the last one to leave the building because she's too busy taking pictures, being in pictures, and having fun! But there's another side to her. I lost my Mom in 2018 and was too numb for Christmas to feel the hurt. The following year was brutal - but Nikki's Christmas movie that year, Two Turtle Doves, was about healing through grief and loss at the holidays. It helped me tremendously. When I had the opportunity to tell her that, she looked me right in the eye and told me she made the movie for people just like me. Nikki lost her dad a few weeks back and I keep hoping that someone, lots of someones, have given her the same hug she gave me that Christmas. The kindness of her movie characters is truly a reflection of her own wonderful heart. (Don't forget to watch Nikki's upcoming Hallmark Channel movie Taking the Reins on September 25.)

Which of Nikki's Christmas movies is so far your favorite?

A Golden Christmas 3

Christmas Land

A Dream of Christmas

Reunited at Christmas

Two Turtle Doves

Cranberry Christmas

Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace goes with Christmas the way marshmallows go with hot chocolate! They're just better together! Anyone who has met her or followed her career and life knows her commitment to her faith and of spreading the Gospel. Her movies often have a spiritual or magical feel and never disappoint.

Which of Candace's Christmas movies is so far your favorite?

Moonlight & Mistletoe

The Heart of Christmas

Let it Snow

Christmas Under Wraps

A Christmas Detour

Journey Back to Christmas

Switched for Christmas

A Shoe Addict's Christmas

Christmas Town

If I Only Had Christmas


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