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SSD - Photo Spoilers

#Postables Are Wondering Will There Be a Wedding? And the answer is YES!!!! Here's a SNEAK PEEK of the wedding to come!!!! Click on any photo to see the entire image.

The previews of the next Signed, Sealed, Delivered movie premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday, October 17 confirm only what we already now - this installment will find Shane (Kristin Booth) and Oliver (Eric Mabius) preparing for their wedding, but they must pause to help a young boy fighting leukemia reunite with his long-lost friend. Their search is complicated by Shane’s mother who arrives with her own plan for their wedding. Meanwhile, Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) navigate the challenges of trying to start a family, but a new employee in the Dead Letter Office may deliver the answer.

Based on previous movies, I think this "episode" will give us a deeper look into Shane's past. We know she had a troubled relationship with her father. We know she has a sister who has a gambling problem. But we know little to nothing about her mother. ..except maybe that she likes roses. With her mother coming for the wedding, all that is about to change.

My best guess is that Shane's mother will have a very strong character. I think she'll probably have a lot of opinions, and want things done her way. Shane tends to be a rule breaker - explaining once to Oliver that following the rules kept her from saying a last goodbye to her father. Shane and her mother may be at odds for much of this movie and I have a feeling Oliver will find a way to bring them together.

Our other favorite #Postable couple will be dealing with wanting to have a child. Based on the previews of Norman handing Rita a baby, and the description of the movie released by Hallmark, there's more than a good chance that Rita and Norman will adopt a baby from someone at the Post Office. Considering how this lovable couple nurtured a potato together way back when - the moment of them finally being parents together has been a long time coming. Personally, I think they will be utterly adorable as mommy and daddy and I hope as fans we get to see a bit of them learning the ropes of parenthood.

The big question remains - will this movie be the one where we see Shane and Oliver tie the knot? And based on photographs released from the network - the answer is YES!!!! That's amazing news - but at the same time also means we NEED to have BIG numbers in the ratings so the network will consider another SSD movie.

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