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Sunday Scoop

Pssst....we've got the scoop! Rom Com Things We are Most Excited About Right Now!

Happy Sunday #Roadies! We have lots of EXCITING things happening right now, so much so that one newsletter a week just isn't enough! So Sunday nights are now for sharing the latest scoop and any gossip around town!

  1. GAC Family yesterday announced their GREAT AMERICAN CHRISTMAS is launching EARLIER than we thought!!! Now the Christmas Season officially begins on TV on Saturday, October 16 with Debbie and Cam reuniting with some friends from "Home and Family"! With Jen Lilley's Christmas University launching on this Thursday, the 14th, this upcoming week is going to be a FUN one!

2. Jen Lilley sent Rom Com Road #Roadies a special fun is that!?!

3. I'm a BIG fan of the TV show "Lois & Clark" and Teri Hatcher and we found out this week Hallmark Channel is doing a Christmas movie with Teri and James Denton - a Wisteria Lane reunion! Teri posted a video on her Instagram account saying, “You guys, I’m so excited – I’m finally working again,” before panning to Denton, who says, “We’re back.” The two actors played characters on "Desperate Housewives" who were married, and divorced. The move will be called ‘A Kiss Before Christmas,’ and James plays real estate executive Ethan Holt, a married father of two. On Christmas Eve, Ethan finds out he missed a big promotion because of his “nice guy” way of doing things and wishes his life had gone down a different path. The next morning, he wakes up to discover his life is completely different; he is no longer married to his wife Joyce (played by Teri) and his kids don’t even exist. Joyce is the key to Ethan being able to reclaim his original life and the family he loves. He must convince her that their happily-ever-after is waiting for them… and he only has until Christmas Day. Can't wait for this one!!!

4. This was something I HOPED would happen! Ashley Williams and her real-life sister Kimberly Williams-Paisley are making TWO Christmas movies together for Hallmark Channel! The films are “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” and “Sister Swap: Christmas in the City” and were both filmed in Salt Lake City. Kimberly and Ashley play sisters, Jennifer and Meg Swift, with Kimberly starring in one movie and Ashley in the other; each supports the other in the interconnected film. Dates for the two films are not yet confirmed - but again, we at Rom Com Road are very excited to see how these movies come together!

5. This was a big week for both GAC Family and Susie Abromeit. Susie inked a big deal with the network to star in four additional films after she debuts on the network on October 30th in "Much Ado About Christmas". What got us excited? Susie will also be hosting GAC Family Original Movie Nights - now that sounds like a popcorn and cocoa worthy event! Susie is mostly known for her breakout role in the hit Netflix/Marvel show "Jessica Jones" . She was a world class athlete by the age of 16, when she became the number six ranked tennis player in the US, receiving a full scholarship to Duke University.

6. There's nothing quite as wonderful as making NEW FRIENDS!!! Rom Com Road is offering a great new way for you to do that! We have opened the #Roadie Clubhouse on our website - a great place for you to interact with other fans of all things Rom Com. If you LOVE a LOVE STORY as much as we do - visit our site and click on the Clubhouse link in the main menu. There you can leave comments, meet friends, ask questions, and share pictures, videos, and fun ideas!!!

7. We've created an Interactive Christmas Movie Calendar on the main page of our website that will be updated daily as dates for the new Christmas movies become available. Right now we have all the movies listed for GAC Family, both Hallmark channels, Lifetime, UPtv, and Ion. If there are other channels you would like us to include - please leave a comment in the CLUBHOUSE and we'll make sure to add them in. Because the dates are fluid and keep changing, we haven't made a printable version. Once things seem cemented, we will let you all know and you can print the calendar for your fridge or desk.

8. Finally - the thing we are MOST EXCITED FOR right now - Jill Wagner (who recently gave birth to another daughter) is making a Christmas movie for GAC Family! First we were stoked Jen Lilley was working with the Network, then came Cameron Mathison and Chad Michael Murray, then we found out Trevor Donovan and Merritt Patterson are making a GAC Family Christmas movie, and now Jill! Yes there are several other GREAT Rom Com actors making movies for the network, but these folks are some of our very favorites! So many great movies coming out this Christmas - we're just too excited!!! In fact - I think it may be time to put up the Christmas tree!!!

Have a GREAT Sunday Night, #Roadies!!!

xo - the Gals of Rom Com Road


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