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TWO Tyler Movies!!!

As Hallmark begins its annual Fall Harvest, we have a weekend of Tyler, Mystery 101, and a brand new mystery series debuting on Sunday! But we also got word today that Tyler Hynes is making a Christmas movie with Bethany Joy Lenz! As a fan of both, I have to say I think they will have phenomenal chemistry since both are great actors!

The movie is called An Unexpected Christmas:

Jamie (Hynes) hasn't told his family that he and his now ex-girlfriend, Emily (Lenz), broke up. After an inopportune run-in with Emily at the train station in his hometown, Jamie convinces her to pretend they're still a couple to avoid ruining Christmas for his family. Jamie and Emily engage in a week-long ruse of engaging in his family's holiday activities together. While they're stuck in his family's home together, the pair discovers their relationship might still have some potential, resulting in a very unexpected Christmas.

Honestly, the plot sounds very similar to a movie from a couple years ago, A Date for Christmas, where the couple pretends to be a couple to fool the family. Which was also the plot of Lifetime's Holiday in Handcuffs, Hitched for the Holidays, Engaged for Christmas, and also the non-Christmas My Fake Fiance. Okay, so maybe the story isn't all that original - but again - Tyler and Bethany together should be worth the price of admission.

Don't forget to watch Tyler and Lauren Alaina this Saturday night on Hallmark Channel and then on Sunday we get an entire day of Mystery 101 on Hallmark Movies and Mystery with the brand new Redemption in Cherry Springs airing at 9 PM EST.

Roadhouse Romance

Saturday, September 11 on Hallmark Channel:


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