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Everything Rom Com in One Spot!

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We love movies, specifically the ones with all the love and feels, or just about anything Christmas, and oh, a happy ending! If you're on this page, we assume you do, too! And once upon a time it was easy to know what movies were out and which movies were coming next. Not so anymore! So we've created a way, a path, a ROAD, to take you straight to all the good stuff - what's out now, what's coming soon, and lots and lots of information on the STARS who shine on screen and off. Consider us your online magazine of all things love, romance, comedy, and Christmas!

A few years back Hallmark Channel launched Countdown to Christmas and then a new movie every weekend - and, well, we were hooked. Since then, the genre of the Romantic Comedy (ROM COM) has evolved to include comedies, dramas, mysteries, Christmas movies, and a mash-up of all of them. So for our purposes, ROM COM means any movie (and sometimes TV series) that has a love story and a happy ending.


Hallmark is no longer the only network focused on airing Rom Coms. Lifetime Christmas, UPtv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ion, and soon-to-be others, have all joined in on the fun. And the two things they all have in common? 1. The wonderful actors we love! 2. They're created by talented teams of production staffs, like our friends at Rom Com Pictures. So when you visit Rom Com Road you'll also get to learn more about the people who make the the writers who create the stories.

So that's us in a nutshell - if it has to do with Rom Com, this is the place to find out all about it! We strive to be a community dedicated to higher ideals. On our journey of nurturing love and laughter in our own lives and in the lives of others, we choose the higher road and a path of encouragement and positivity. We share a mutual affection for family-friendly Romantic Comedies and support the actors and companies that produce and supply them. Life can be challenging, and each of us has had our share of difficult days. If you're seeking an uplifting and happy environment - this is where you belong! Each time you join us, our wish is that Rom Com Road will lead you to a better, more positive place. Welcome!

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