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Honoring a Hollywood Legend

Ed Asner 1929 -2021

Second Chances - Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC

Nominated for 20 Emmy awards, and having won 7 for acting, Ed Asner had a long and much-loved career in acting. Beyond his most iconic role as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, he starred in movies, too many television shows and specials to name, and served two terms as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1981-1985. My three favorite movies with Mr. Asner are all Rom Coms (of course): The Christmas Card, All of My Heart, and Christmas on the Bayou.

Here is a bit about him from IMDB:

"Heavy-set and distinctively gravelly-voiced, Asner established his reputation as tough, robust and uncompromising (though, on occasion, good-hearted) authority figures. Excellent at conveying menace, he was memorably cast as the brutish patriarch Axel Jordache in Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) and as the slave ship's morally conflicted master, Captain Thomas Davies, in Roots (1977), which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award in 1977. The immensely prolific Asner (417 IMDB screen credits!) would receive seven Emmys in total (from 21 nominations) and became the only actor to win in both the comedy and drama category for the same role. That was also the part which made Asner a household name: the gruff, snarky newspaper editor Lou Grant (1977). Grant began as a mainstay on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970), a 30-minute sitcom. When the character was promoted to West Coast editor of The Los Angeles Tribune, Asner went on to star in his own much acclaimed drama series. In addition to appearing on screen and stage, he has done extensive work for radio, video games and animated TV series. He voiced the lead character Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's Oscar-winning production of Up (2009). Ed Asner passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 91 on August 29 2021."

Christmas on the Bayou - Credit: Copyright Lifetime

Some Rom Com films with Ed Asner:

Out of the Woods (2005)

The Christmas Card (2006)

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage (2008)

Christmas on the Bayou (2013)

Second Chances (2013)

All of My Heart (2015)

Love Meet Hope (2016)

Love Finds You in Valentine (2016)

All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017)

Saving Christmas (2017)

All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018)

The Christmas Card - Credit: Copyright Crown Media United States, LLC


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