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Ryan Paevey

Some of our FAV Movies with Ryan!
See how many you can name!

(Answers below)

Photo credits: Crown Media United States, LLC, Ryan Paevey

A Little Daytime Drama

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Christmas at the Plaza

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

A Timeless Christmas

Matching Hearts

Harvest Love

A Summer Romance

Marrying Mr. Darcy

Ryan Paevey Quiz

1. How many Rom Com movies has Ryan starred in opposite Jen Lilley? Can you name them?

2. What was the first Hallmark Movie Ryan starred in?

3. What is the name of Ryan's design company for t-shirts and jewelry?

4. What Soap Opera was Ryan in and what was the name of his character?

5. Ryan is currently filming a Christmas movie, including this one, how many Christmas movies has Ryan starred in?

6. What month is Ryan's birthday month?

7. What city and state were Ryan born in?

8. Ryan has executive produced two shorts, can you name either one?


Answers: 2, Harvest Love and A Little Daytime Drama; Unleashing Mr. Darcy; Fortunate Wanderer; General Hospital, Nathan West; 4; September 24, 1984; Santa Monica, CA; To the Moon and Back, Slate.

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