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Wes Brown

Some of our FAV Movies with Wes!
See how many you can name!

(Answers below)

Photo credits: Crown Media United States, LLC, Lifetime Movies

June in January
Over the Moon in Love
Christmas Cookies
Christmas in Mississippi
A Nashville Christmas Carol
Check Inn to Christmas


Wes Brown Quiz in honor of
Sweet Pecan Summer

How many Rom Com movies has Wes Brown made since 2014 and how many are Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Who was Wes's co-star in his Lifetime movie Christmas in Mississippi?

What series of movies did Wes first appear in for Hallmark?

Which character did Wes play in the Heart of Dixie series?

Who was Wes's co-star in his first Christmas movie, and what is the name of the movie?'s a Rom Com Road favorite!

What's the name of the first Rom Com Wes starred in that aired on Hallmark Channel?

Who came up with the story behind Sweet Pecan Summer?

Answers: 11, 4; Jana Kramer; Love Comes Softly series; Dr. Judson Lyons; Jill Wagner in Christmas Cookies; June in January; Wes Brown!


Photo credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC

Premieres on Hallmark Channel Aug 28!

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