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He IS Coming Back as Jack

Am I allowed to say "I told you so...?"

I'm hoping this will help you all trust me just a bit more because I met with A LOT of resistance when I said I thought "Jack" was coming back. No, I don't have insider information - but I've been watching these shows and movies since day one and I usually have a good idea (or at least a reasonable guess) of what comes next.

This picture has been released, and Entertainment Tonight has confirmed, that Daniel Lissing is returning to his role of Jack Thornton on the upcoming Season 2 premiere of "When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas" on December 18 now airing on GAC Family channel. So, let's unpack what this all means.

Photo credit: GAC Media

In the above photo - Abigail is clearly shocked to see Jack. But is Jack back from the dead?

I think there are two scenarios that are more likely than all the others:

Jack is actually not dead. He's been undercover, or had amnesia, or was off in a foreign land fighting and was confused with someone else. IF that's what is happening, and now Abigail and Jack are both on "When Hope Calls," I'm guessing this will be the last season of "When Calls the Heart" and Elizabeth will be joining her friends on "When Hope Calls." To the best of my knowledge, Erin Krakow did not make a Christmas movie this year. Perhaps she's moving over to GAC Family in the new year? Then the story can pick up where they left off and poor Lucas will have to deal with Jack's return. Would make for quite a love triangle. (And a major divide amongst the fans).


It's a vision. Abigail either dreams that she "runs into" Jack or she "sees" his ghost. Perhaps the story will be a bit like that of Scrooge and Jack will be the ghost of Christmas past. He probably has a message for her, or something he'd like her to do for him. Either way, it would mean we would know for sure that the character of Jack Thornton is dead.

So what say you fellow #Hearties? Jack is back - is he still alive? Drop your opinions on our #Roadie Clubhouse page and let's chat!


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