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IS JACK Coming Back

It's time to GET Excited, #Hearties!! Daniel Lissing has joined the cast of When Hope Calls on GAC Family! The network hasn't released the role he will play, but we have to assume he is reprising his role as Mountie Jack Thornton on the Christmas Special two-part series premerie of When Hope Calls on GAC Family and Super Channel Heart & Home in Canada!

I know #Hearties everywhere have questions - how is Jack returning but not to Elizabeth? There are several different possibilities. 1. Flashbacks. Maybe now that Lori Loughlin is joining the cast she will have memories of Jack we will see on screen? 2. Maybe Jack is still alive, but unable to return to Hope Valley for some reason? 3. Is it possible When Calls the Heart - which was supposed to be cancelled last year - will be cancelled at Hallmark? The characters could then move over to When Hope Calls at GAC Family and Elizabeth and Jack could be reunited. Perhaps that's why Elizabeth chose the non-Mountie suitor at the end of last season? 4. There's always the dream sequence possibility. (And let me add for those who are having trouble with the idea of Jack returning at all - YES, it's possible Daniel will play an entirely different character on the show. We'll know for sure on October 11).

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What we DO know for sure - this Christmas will offer a brand new When Hope Calls two-part season two premiere for fans of the spinoff of When Calls the Heart beginning on December 18 on GAC Family .

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When Hope Calls is a historical drama series set in 1916 Brookfield, a fictional, small Western prairie town of largely cattle ranchers and farmers in an era where tradition sometimes conflicts with the ambitions of a growing city. Morgan Kohan returns in season two as Lillian Walsh, a former orphan who now runs the local orphanage and creates a loving, stable home for the children in her care. Ryan-James (RJ) Hatanaka returns as Mountie Gabriel Winslow. Wendy Crewson will return to star as Tess Stewart. Hanneke Talbot is Maggie Parson. Neil Crone is Ronnie Stewart. Jefferson Brown is Joe Moody.

GAC Family (formerly Great American Country) launched on September 27 under the tagline “Stories Well Told” and features family-friendly, holiday-themed movies and series that celebrate American culture, lifestyle, and heritage. GAC Family is the exclusive home to the new season of When Hope Calls in the U.S. and Super Channel Heart & Home will exclusively broadcast the series across Canada.


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