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Splendid Review: Love Strikes Twice

by Leeanna McKenzie

Love Strikes Twice - Hallmark Channel

I loved it. It was fun, funny, and sweet.

Maggie and her husband Josh have been together for 15 years and questioning why they got married in the first place. Maggie makes a wish in a fountain for a "do-over" and she is transported back in time and given a second chance to make different choices and possibly choose someone else to marry.

I have to start with our lead actress Katie Findlay who understood the assignment. She brought so much humor and relatability to the character. It looked like she had fun playing the role, and I had fun watching. The cast was fantastic, and there was humor in every scene. I also thought the dad was hilarious.

I can only imagine what it would be like to go back in time as a grown woman, only for people around you to think of you as a child. So it was great to see Maggie handle it like a pro and use her lawyer skill set to try and set things right.

Definitely one of my favorite Hallmark movies of the year.


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