Trevor Donovan Interview

A Star in All Seasons

by Cathy Padilla

With the Christmas movie season in full swing, fans of the rom com family-friendly genre have more movies than ever from which to choose. What once was only a seasonal offering from Crown Media through two of its three channels, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Christmas movie season is now a multi-network, two-month battle for the hearts, and viewership, of millions of fans. One star that always causes fans to swoon, and ratings to soar, is Trevor Donovan. We caught up with Trevor for this interview while he was on the set for one of his upcoming movies, The Engagement Plot, in which he stars opposite Rachel Boston. The film will release in 2022.

Trevor recently signed an overall deal with a new media company run by Bill Abbott called GAC Media. The network offers two channels, GAC Family and GAC Living. Trevor is one of only a few rom com stars who have Christmas movies airing on two networks this year. Ironically, one of the other stars who has a movie on both Hallmark Channel and GAC Family is Trevor’s co-star, Merritt Patterson. Their movie, Jingle Bell Princess, will air on GAC Family on December 4.

Despite the many rom com movies in which Trevor has starred, USS Christmas, Two for the Win, Snowcoming, Love Fall and Order, Love on a Limb, and many others including his most recent on Hallmark Channel Nantucket Noel, he had never played in a movie about royalty. An extremely popular subject matter in the family-friendly rom com genre, the movies usually focus on a male royal falling in love with a female commoner.

“It was fun to finally star in a royal movie,” said Trevor. “This one is a bit different than many, the royal is a princess played by Merritt. The movie is based on the book His Jingle Bell Princess by Barbara Dunlop.”

From one type of world leader to another, Trevor recently finished shooting his part in the movie Reagan which will air early in 2022. A sweeping biopic on the life of the 40th US President, the movie stars Dennis Quaid in the titular role. Trevor plays Ronald Reagan’s longest-serving Secret Service agent.

Reagan was a very special experience. I was able to speak with the family of the character I play, John Barletta, and that added new depth to the role” shared Trevor. “I also was able to ride horses on the Reagan ranch in the same spots President Reagan did. That was once-in-a-lifetime.”

The movie is partially shot on the 688-acre Reagan ranch, Rancho del Cielo, near Santa Barbara. During Reagan’s presidency, it was known as the Western White House. No other film has ever been able to shoot on the property which is now owned by the Young America’s Foundation.

Whether it’s riding horses or playing with his beloved three dogs, Bulldog Tito, Golden Retriever Shadow, and Labrador Chance, Trevor is a friend to animals. His merchandise line, Citizen K9, features his pack on clothing.

“I was always a dog lover, as long as I can remember,” said Trevor speaking of his dogs. “What can I say, they're the best dogs in the world. Seriously, everyone says they have the best dog - and they're not wrong.”

Also close to his heart are Trevor’s philanthropic endeavors. His most recent service is to his #bethekindkid campaign that was recently rebranded to #TheUpstanders. Before the onset of the pandemic, Trevor partnered with the Ad Council on a nation-wide anti-bullying program. In December 2019, he successfully held his first anti-bullying assembly at Deer Lakes Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA. GAC Media will partner with Trevor in bringing his anti-bullying message back to schools starting this winter.

“Being kind is always the right choice,” said Trevor. “I’m thrilled that in my deal with GAC Media the executives there also believe in, and support, this initiative. They will help by promoting #TheUpstanders on air and by helping me get from point A to point B. Thank you Bill Abbott!”