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Christmas Movie Season Kicks Into HIGH Gear

What to watch this weekend and on which channels...

Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday we get TEN more movies to add to the 2021 season - so far! Lifetime premieres its first new Christmas movie tonight, and Disney + offers a movie for its streaming clients that looks like a family-friendly Rom Com to me. GAC Family, Hallmark, and UPtv continue to offer new films in their battle to claim the hearts of Rom Com fans and welcome them "home". We, the fans, benefit in what should be a weekend chock-full of good movies!

I'm most excited for "Open by Christmas", "An Ice Wine Christmas", "Christmas Time is Here", and "One December Night".

I have already watched and reviewed "Christmas Time is Here" (you can click down below to read my Preview Review), premiering on GAC Family Saturday at 8 PM, and it rated a solid KEEPER. It's such a sweet, charming movie - I really enjoyed it. I'm watching it live again tomorrow night and DVRing the Andrew Walker movie. I know, Andrew getting DVR'd! It's almost wrong to say! But I have a feeling the movie isn't too much about him - we will see.

Dewshane Williams and Rukiya Bernard. Photo Credit GAC Media

Roselyn Sanchez with husband Eric Winter

Tonight I have more of a dilemma with what to watch live and what to DVR. I most likely will watch Alison and Brennan live - since I think their pairing in "Open by Christmas" should be a fun one. The movie has me confused, however, since there is a third actress listed in the credits - and she's listed before Brennan. I'm wondering if this movie is more about family than romance. We'll find out tonight. "An Ice Wine Christmas" tonight on Lifetime stars Roselyn Sanchez - who I believe is a great actress. She starred in the Hallmark Rom Com "A Taste of Summer" with her husband, Eric Winter. I didn't love their chemistry in the movie (but, oddly, I find I don't usually like the chemistry displayed between married couples on film). So I'm looking forward to watching Roselyn in a Rom Com without her husband...even though I also like him as an actor very much.

"Open by Christmas" with Brennan Elliott and Alison Sweeney. Photo Credit Crown Media

The final movie this weekend I want to chat about is "One December Night" starring Peter Gallagher, Bruce Campbell, Eloise Mumford, and Brett Dalton. I really like all the actors in this film and never miss either Eloise or Brett, who should make a dynamic couple. The movie seems like it will be more about music and the friendship between Peter and Bruce's characters - but it still looks like a solid story that promises great acting. Hallmark seems to be moving more and more away from the traditional male-female love story as the central arc and more toward the drama of family and life. The movies this weekend certainly lend credence to that theory. I guess we'll know more as we move past the holiday season and into the "regular" movies of the year.

Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher. Photo credit Crown Media

Happy Christmas Rom Com Movie Watching!!

Please let me know your thoughts on the movies by visiting our #Roadie Clubhouse where you can leave your thoughts in the comments. And don't forget to follow ALL the movies in our Rom Com Christmas Movie Calendar so you never miss a film!


​Hallmark Channel

"Open by Christmas" Starring Alison Sweeney, Erica Durance, Brennan Elliott

8pm EST



"An Ice Wine Christmas" Starring Roselyn Sánchez & Lyriq Bent

8 pm EST

Disney +

"Home Sweet Home Alone"

Starring Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray


GAC Family

starring Dewshane Williams, Rukiya Bernard

and Tom Pickett

8 pm EST

Hallmark Channel

"My Christmas Family Tree"

Starring Aimee Teegarden, Andrew Walker,

and James Tupper

8 pm EST

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

"One December Night"

Starring Peter Gallagher, Bruce Campbell,

Eloise Mumford, and Brett Dalton 10 pm EST


"A Snowy Christmas"

Starring Elysia Rotaru, Damon Runyan

7 pm EST


"A Picture Perfect Holiday" Starring Tatyana Ali, Henderson Wade & Dina Meyer

8 pm EST


Hallmark Channel

"A Holiday in Harlem"

Starring Olivia Washington, Will Adams, Tina Lifford

8 pm EST


"Snowed in for Christmas"

Starring Kayla Wallace, Jeremy Guilbaut

7 pm EST


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