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PREVIEW Christmas Time is Here

As warm as a cup of cocoa, sweet as the marshmallows on top!

If you're a fan of the Evergreen movies or the One Winter movies - you're familiar with Rukiya Bernard and Dewshane Williams. Rukiya has co-starred in numerous Rom Com movies and she and Dewshane were the secondary couple in the One Winter movies with Taylor Cole and Jack Turner. I'm happy to say Rukiya and Dewshane are the leading couple in "Christmas Time is Here" - and they more than deliver!

This Saturday, November 13 at 8 PM "Christmas Time is Here" will premiere on GAC Family. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy for review, and my only problem with the film is going to be finding something to critique. The couple has chemistry, there's Christmas magic and romance, community and family that pulls on the heartstrings, and it has two great musical segments.

No, the story isn't entirely original. There's a developer looking to build a resort, a family property in peril, the pull of money vs. love - we have seen it before in various forms in many other films. But I had so much fun watching Rukiya and Dewshane, I so enjoyed what they brought to the characters, I wasn't concerned with originality in the plot or story. Rukiya is a talented and likeable actress that brings believability to any role I've watched her play...and Dewshane is funny and charismatic. It's a great combination that makes for a winning couple on screen. The supporting characters also added to the story, bringing both humor and enjoyment, but the two leads are always the focus of the story which gives us, the viewers, more time with them. There's also a nice magical element that runs through the film and adds to the Christmastime wonder.

There were a few moments in the movie where tears formed in my eyes, and I thoroughly enjoyed the two songs that were beautifully worked into the story. One thing I found refreshing was the addition of "Silent Night". It's so heartwarming to hear songs of faith and inspiration in a Christmas movie again. I also need to comment on how gorgeous the decorations are in the film. This movie feels and LOOKS like Christmas from start to finish.

I'm excited to watch again as this Christmas hug premieres this coming Saturday night. I plan on inviting some friends over and mixing together the popcorn treat the characters enjoyed in the movie. Since my tree is already up...all we'll need is some cocoa!

My review verdict: This is a keeper.

NOTE to #Roadies: If you haven't yet found GAC Family on your cable system, or don't have FRNDLY TV or HULU or Sling - you can call 855-701-2804 to find out your channel number.


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