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First Christmas Movie Weekend!

I have to be honest, now that Hallmark has released it's full list of premiering movies for Christmas I feel a whole lot better. Not knowing if I would see Nikki DeLoach, or Kristopher Polaha, or Tyler Hynes, or Bethany Joy Lenz, or Andrew Walker (you get the idea) in a movie this holiday was a bit too much stress for me. And some of the match ups - Kris Polaha with Brooke D'Orsay...Tyler with Bethany...I'm truly excited about! The Star that I haven't seen making a movie for either Hallmark or GAC or Lifetime is Rachel Boston - and she just announced she's pregnant with her first child - so it's understandable. I'm also a little more than bummed that Erin Krakow is MIA. But now we need a PLAN! If you've taken a peek at our Rom Com Christmas Movie Calendar listing ALL the movies on ALL the networks - we may do nothing this holiday season but binge watch movies! And, of course, Hallmark waited to see GAC's schedule to make sure they offered back-to-back-to-back movies on the Saturdays GAC has premieres. (My DVR may seriously explode!) And to make things even more fun, but actually a tad challenging, UPtv is offering more movies than ever and Lifetime Christmas is airing a new movie every night in December! (I actually prefer that - the every night movie thing to 3 on a Saturday!) I don't know about you, but my head is swimming in dates, times, and movie titles - but it's all so fun and exciting!

So this Friday night, October 22, started all the Christmas fun on Hallmark Channel! And Saturday starts the new GAC Family network! Talk about a fun weekend! If you haven't had a chance yet - sit for a few and listen to our interview with Ben Ayres - he starred with Danica Mckellar in "You, Me & The Christmas Trees" (Just press that little arrow below) and boy was it a fantabulous movie to start the season! I truly enjoyed it! AND - it was WONDERFUL not to have words across the screen during the movie advertising other movies! SO MUCH more enjoyable!!! Bravo to Ben and Danica for a great job and to David Winning for great directing.

So one thing I really have missed are the traditional Fall movies. Fall Harvest took us to South Beach but not to the feeling of crisp air, falling leaves, apple cider, and pumpkins. Lucky for us, GAC Family is launching their entire network with a FALL movie on Saturday,

October 23. Before we go all-Christmas, all-the-time, we get the chance to see a truly fall-feeling film! I don't remember ever knowing a NETWORK was premiering and watching its first original movie. Do you? Kind of historic if you're a TV or movie buff like me. Friday night was of course put aside for Danica and Ben, and my Saturday night this week is reserved for watching "Autumn Romance" on GAC Family LIVE! It comes on at 8 PM EST opposite a movie on Hallmark I'm not that focused on watching, so it works out well. Then at 10 I can watch Luke Macfarlane's new movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I may fall asleep...but thank goodness for my overworked DVR! And Sunday offers a new Tamera Mowry-Housley and Paul Campbell movie that has a bit of a unique storyline - so that should be fun as well.

Speaking of stories - that's the one thing this Christmas movie season I'm not too excited about. So many of the movie synopsis sound familiar. But I have to admit when I read the plot of "You, Me & The Christmas Trees" I did think "uh oh, another tree farm story." But it was different, and it was fun, and it didn't feel like the same story AT ALL - so I'm hopeful we get more of the same.

So that's our FIRST CHRISTMAS MOVIE WEEKEND in a warm cup of cocoa! Watch as much as I can, DVR the rest, and be sure to keep checking the Christmas Movie Calendar to make sure I know when everything comes on! Stop by the #ROADIE CLUBHOUSE on the main menu and let us know what you think of all the premieres!!

Hope you have a weekend full of love, laughter & CHRISTMAS!!!!


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