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PREVIEW: A Kindhearted Christmas

Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison - a clear recipe for a yummy treat!

This Saturday, November 20 at 8 PM "A Kindhearted Christmas" will premiere on GAC Family. It's an enjoyable holiday movie with a theme of kindness and generosity that gave me the Christmas feels. Jennie and Cameron have good chemistry, and the supporting characters were both endearing and funny. Once again GAC has gone all out with set and props and the movie has a beautiful backdrop of Christmas decorations, lights, and beautiful music.

My rankings for movies are: Keeper, Will Watch Again, Would Maybe Watch Sometime, Not a Keeper. "A Kindhearted Christmas" is a solid Will Watch Again. In fact, I'll watch it again this Saturday night when it premieres. The actors in the movie carry the film - they go well together and had an easy, comfortable vibe on screen. One dance in the movie is especially romantic. But the place the movie falls just slightly short is the script. There are a couple spots where it could have been more romantic - moments where I found myself saying, "Why did he do that?" Yet I still really enjoyed the movie. Watch with me Saturday night and let me know your thoughts on the film!

NOTE to #Roadies: If you haven't yet found GAC Family on your cable system, or don't have FRNDLY TV or HULU or Sling - you can call 855-701-2804 to find out your channel number.


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