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Top 15 Kings (Bye bye 12!) of Christmas

With the Christmas season just around the bend, we thought we'd have some fun and name our Top 10 Kings of Christmas - in no particular order! Turns out that was nearly impossible, so we had to go with 15 Kings! And even at 15 we had to leave a few great Santas behind. We know there are many more great Rom Com guys, and your favorite might not be named - but the truth is we love them all!

You can click on any of the PINK BUTTONS to go to that King's profile page and read and learn more about him. Our #Roadie Clubhouse will be open this weekend - make sure to stop by and leave us a comment about who your Top Kings are! Have fun!! Ho Ho Ho!



Brennan Elliott

Ryan Paevey

Cameron Mathison

Niall Matter

Michael Rady

Luke Macfarlane

Paul Campbell

Antonio Cupo

Kristoffer Polaha

Wes Brown

Eric Mabius

Andrew Walker

Trevor Donovan

Marc Blucas

Kevin McGarry

Tyler Hynes


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